Support Personnel of the Year

Mrs. Connie DeRouen serves in the capacity as a Special Education Paraprofessional. While servicing the students that are assigned to her class, she does not limit her assistance to other students needing academic help. She displays a motherly instinct to take a student who is struggling more than others and guides them toward success. She encourages all students to reach for their highest potential. When a fellow teacher radios for help, she doesn’t hesitate to assist, even when though she has no assigned students in that classroom.

Ms. Connie as she is called, has such a positive personality and is well respected by the student body. Many students notice when absent from the campus and some even ask “Where is Mrs. Connie?” She makes a big impression on people she encounters with her kindness and positive vibe that pours into her personal appearance, work ethics and welcoming spirit.

Mrs. Connie is a person that her co-workers can rely on daily. She has an exceptional rapport with staff members and greets everyone with a warm smile. She loves to share and shower her coworkers with gifts and food. Having Ms. Connie on staff makes our day brighter and lighter!